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We’re dedicated to supporting the world’s teachers with the tools and technology they need to excel. By combining over 100 years of educational insight and expertise with our portfolio of tailored digital services, we’re helping educators improve both in the classroom and online.

Supporting 8 million professionals worldwide


Global talent recruitment services and the world’s largest education jobs platform.


School news and views educators have trusted for 100 years.


Up to 1 million downloads a day.


Award-winning online and in-person teacher training and development courses.


Home to the world’s largest network of education professionals, you can target millions of teachers by sector, role, subject and region across the whole of TES, on any device, when and where they’re looking.

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21m homepage page views per year

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Resources homepage page views per year


Every day teachers interact with TES. They search for jobs, share and download resources, read news and much more. Reach all these engaged customers, anytime, any place when your brand is most relevant to them.

0.15% Average CTR
per banner

17m resource previews
per year

11 teaching resources
downloaded per second

25,000 new registrations
per month


Think of us as an extension of your marketing team. We’ll work closely with you to fully understand your challenges and objectives to create tailor-made campaigns that reach your audience and maximise your ROI.


Because every brand is different, we have a range of traditional and bespoke advertising formats to help you create the most effective campaign.


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