Double MPU

A bigger MPU. For double the impact.

Double MPU’s are large format banners that pair attention-grabbing real estate with rich media capabilities for a high impact campaign. Capable of featuring multiple videos, interactive buttons, data capture, social media integration & more, this unit - twice the size of a traditional MPU – gets users clicking through to your landing page.

A cost-effective way to target users by workplace, position, subject or location, they help develop brand recognition and influence top funnel metrics such as website hits and Google searches. They also fit seamlessly alongside TES content and can be applied across desktop and multiple devices.

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Dimensions: 300 x 600Animation: Yes
Max. file size: 100kbFormats: JPEG, GIF
Dimensions: 300 x 600
Animation: Yes
Max. file size: 100kb
Formats: JPEG, GIF

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