Drive people to your content with an old favourite. 

The MPU occupies a prime spot among the web page’s main content for maximum impact. One of the most long-standing and cost-effective formats; they can include flat or interactive content to encourage users to click through to your landing page - great for driving brand awareness and influencing top funnel metrics such as website hits and Google searches.

A highly effective way to communicate with your audience, you can also target users by workplace, position, subject and location to ensure you reach the right users.

Note: For above the fold placement, please speak to your Account Manager.

Where is this available?

  • Resources
  • Jobs
  • Community


Dimensions: 300 x 250Animation: Yes
Max. file size: 100kbFormats: JPEG, GIF
Dimensions: 300 x 250
Animation: Yes
Max. file size: 100kb
Formats: JPEG, GIF

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