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The Department for Education (D for E) launched a new National Teaching Service to support schools that are finding it difficult to recruit the teachers and middle leaders they need.

It aims to ensure the wealth of teaching expertise is spread out across the country by recruiting talented teachers and then deploying them to schools which need them most.

Kicking off in the North West, and later expanding across the country, the aim is to recruit 100 teachers to the region and 1500 nationwide by the end of this parliament. The D for E chose TES as a media partner to help drive traffic and boost lead creation.


With over 349,000 weekly readers, the TES magazine is a key destination for classroom teachers and middle leaders of primary and secondary schools. So it made perfect sense for the D for E to run 2 x half page spreads and engage with teachers where they’re looking.

We also targeted our 12.5 million monthly visitors on TES Jobs, TES Resources and TES Community via Leaderboard and Double MPU branded adverts. To drive traffic and encourage users to apply to be an NTS teacher, all adverts directed people to an application form on


Exposure to our active audience was a great success, with the campaign generating 324,560 impressions. CTR rates exceeded industry averages and The Department for Education were so pleased they re-un both their online and print ads.

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Print Booked another three print spreads in the TES Magazine
Impressions 324,560
Clicks 1,144
CTR 0.35%
VTR 0.26%

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